Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (BvS:DoJ/Beavis Dodge)

It’s a triumphant return to the Nighthawks Studio after a brief seasonal break. The boys are still living in the aftermath of some life upheaval, but they were dying to talk about last week’s hit movie (and this week’s not-so-hit movie) BATMAN VS SUPERMAN : DAWN OF JUSTICE aka BVS : DOJ (affectionately read out loud as “BEAVIS DODGE.”)

It’s a real slobber-knocker as the champion of the sun clashes against the Dark Knight. But is it a clash of the titans, or is it a clashing of teeth during a particularly unpleasant make-out session. The guys will parse things out as they reoccupy the Nighthawks Cafe booth, for the first time in six weeks.

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