Ep 31- A Half-Baked Episode for 4/20 2016

The Nighthawks dabble in the Devil’s Lettuce to talk about a stoner comedy for the occasion.

The origins you hear about 4/20, the official/unofficial stoner holiday, are about as varied as the people you ask. Some people are very observant and will be partaking in the cash crop of Colorado during April 20th, others may not be so inclined.

Either way it’s a cultural phenomenon. This 4/20 film is HALF BAKED, an all-but-forgotten title from the late 90s that the boys just can’t bring themselves to call a “forgotten gem.”

While the movie succeeds at what it aims to do (which isn’t much), there’s a lot to explore, including sowing the seeds of a comedy juggernaut that would fly past HALF BAKED and become regular vocabulary for the Zeitgeist at large.

From the comedy genius of Dave Chapelle to the comedy…”stylings…” of Jim Breuer, HALF BAKED is the movie that we roll up and smoke in the alley behind the diner. Who’s hungry?

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