Episode 56- BRIGHT

The Netflix tentpole big-budget-juggernaut, BRIGHT, was released on Netflix recently.

Is Netflix’s future so BRIGHT they have to wear shades? Or is the new David Ayer film low on luster?

The shadow of sexual misconduct hangs over the film’s writer, Hollywood legacy Max Landis. Is it possible to separate art from artist?

The boys in the Nighthawks cafe have to see if they can sort out a lot of problems, and even more expository world building, to get to the heart of a film that’s big on ideas, but maybe not so hot on execution.

What’s more is, in honor of BRIGHT’s shortlisting for a Best Makeup and Hairstyling Oscar nomination, we decide to give you an update on the road to the Academy Awards. Nighthawks’ own Oscar Czar, Cameron Maris swings by the Nighthawks diner AFTER the episode, for a very special awards season update.

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