Ep 57- In Order of Disappearance

Come with us, across the Atlantic and into the Great White North, as the boys in the Nighthawks Diner explore the Norwegian black comedy IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE.

Equal parts FARGO-era Coen Bros. and Scandinavian Noir (Nordic Noir… “Noirdic?”), this little movie has a lot going on for it. A favorite of festival audiences, IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE seems to have fallen between the cracks with mainstream audiences in the U.S. Why is this? Is it the cultural differences? Is it the subtitles? Is it the relative age of the characters?

Matt and Trevor take a superficial glance at IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE, in the hopes that our listeners will give it a chance and check it out. If you’ve already seen the film, take a peek behind the spoiler curtain and get granular with us.

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