Ep 59- Oscars 2018: Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the (Oscar) pool

It is a time of fabulous celebration, million-dollar dresses, hundred-million-dollar movies, and billion dollar returns. But more than the monetary value, and the superficial outward appearance, Hollywood is getting together this weekend to honor achievement in film.

Joining us for a third year in a row is the official Nighthawks Oscar Czar, Cameron Maris, who guides Matt and Trevor through some of the interesting changes that the Academy has gone through in the last few years, and what that could potentially mean for the future of the awards.

This is the first of our two episodes covering the Oscars, stay tuned this week for our double-dip at the Oscar fondue, where we will explore this year’s nominees, as well as our head and heart bets. But if you want to play along at home, you’d better beef up with THIS particular Oscar pre-game tailgate party, right in the Nighthawks Cafe.

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