Episode 58- Galaxy Quest

In the words of the prophet Mercury:

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?

Well, in as much as we’re prerecorded voices speaking from a conceptual diner, this is (in the words of another Prophet, I. Ron Sheik) “the real.” What is not real is the movie we’re watching for this episode of the Nighthawks Podcast. Well, the movie is real enough, but it’s about actors in the “real” (not real) world, who inhabited a fantasy world (double not real) and then get mixed up in a space battle in the “real” (still not real) world.

It makes more sense in the podcast. It’s like The Three Amigos- IN SPACE

Galaxy Quest is a film from 1999, that had a modest box office, and then went largely untalked about for nearly 20 years, before streaming accessibility reminded fans, old and new, what a delightful film it is.

But is Galaxy Quest a parody of such science fiction properties as Star Trek, or is it something more? Something bigger? Something different?

Pour a cup of coffee, as we boldly go into the granular grist of Galaxy Quest.

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