Ep 60 Oscar 2018 Part 2: And the Nominees Are…

It is the 60th Episode of Nighthawks Podcast, and it is time for the 90th annual Academy Awards.

In just a few short days, Hollywood (the broad concept) will gather at the Kodak Dolby Theatre in Hollywood (the actual physical place) to celebrate each other and to celebrate the art of film. Meanwhile, outside, Angelinos will be laying on the horn and screaming at traffic, wondering why it’s taking them an hour to even get on the 101.

But inside the theatre is where the interesting stuff happens. This is the Nighthawks Podcast, if you want the other stuff listen to KJLH radio’s traffic report.

Joining us for a third year in a row is the official Nighthawks Oscar Czar, Cameron Maris, who guides Matt and Trevor through some hand selected categories and nominees, in an attempt to figure out who is going to take home the weird little naked man who covers his nudity with a sword.

This is the second of our two episodes covering the Oscars, if you missed the first episode, check it out. We’re fully convince that we’re better people after making it, why not you for listening?

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