Ep 61- The Unfilmable Ernest Cline- Ready Player One

Listen, gang. The Nighthawks get it. They’re not out to snag a few clicks and a few downloads by offering a contrarian opinion to the Zeitgeist.

However, they also feel the need to be completely honest with you, and the truth is that sometimes these opinions run contrary to the overwhelming opinion of the populace. The Nighthawks’ track record for Oscar predictions should be testament to that.

That being said, the world seems ready to love and embrace Ready Player One.

Trevor and Matt are not among those people.

This doesn’t mean that people are wrong, there’s no need to flame in the comments, and The Nighthawks don’t think any less of those who disagree. But when it came to Ready Player One, the boys found their after-dinner-cake to be heavy on frosting and light on actual cake.

Sit back. Enjoy. Agree and embrace. Argue and test your might. When it comes to art, there are no wrong opinions.

Except Asylum’s Shark Week. That movie can go to hell.

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