Ep 75- The Purge: Election Year (A Nighthawks’ Election Special)

Look, folks. Vote.

That’s the takeaway, here. That’s all we want you to do, is just exercise your right, should that be something you possess.

We acknowledge that some of our listeners may not be eligible. We know that some of our listeners don’t live in the United States of America. Some people who hear this episode, won’t do so until some far flung date well after the election at hand is long decided.

There’s stuff for those people too. Matt and Trevor take a dive into The Purge franchise, examining the third movie in the series- The Purge: Election Year. Not only do the Nighthawks apply their usual compliments of Nighthawks gravy, as they talk about the movies and what they mean to them. But the boys also use the occasion to examine political allegory in artistic works, and its place in society.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that this is a movie where Frank Grillo kicks quite a lot of ass.

But more than any of that, just vote.

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