Ep 84- Conan the Barbarian (1982) and Robert E. Howard

Now is the time of Doom!

Now is the time of revenge!

Now is the time of high adventure!

Or… rather, 1982 was the time of Doom, revenge, and high adventure; when relative newcomer Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed with John Milius and brought the legendary pulp hero Conan of Cimmeria to the silver screen.

The R-Rated adventure epic borrowed plenty from Robert E. Howard, Texan native and Conan’s creator, not only pulling from the Conan canon, (Conanon?) but from other Howard works as well.

To celebrate one year of partnership with the Hello Sweetie Podcast Network, the Nighthawks bring you this special, extra-long exploration into the bowels of beefcake masculinity, scantily clad femininity, racial ambiguity, swords, sorcery, a giant snake, and a “Weird Al” Yankovic reference within the first 30 seconds.

You’ll have to wait longer for the first Invincible Ator reference.

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