Ep 85- Diggstown

Content Warning: Diggstown contains overt themes of racism, brutal violence against of people of color, and is headlined by James Woods. Woods has been accused in relation to the #MeToo movement.

The year is 1992 and the sport of boxing is enjoying a heyday in the United States.

Director Michael Ritchie would take a stab at some of that boxing success, after a string of other sports films including The Bad News Bears.

While not a hugely successful film, and panned by critics as being derivative; Matt and Trevor make the case that a fresh watch in 2019 isn’t a wholly unwelcome thing.

With an all-star cast including Louis Gossett Jr., Heather Graham, Oliver Platte, Tex Cobb, and Jim Caviezal; the crackling dialogue and the Sting-like grifts elevate this beyond any simple boxing movie.

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