Ep 127 Friday the 13th Vengeance (feat. T.C. De Witt) Monstoberfest 2021

The Nighthawks’ time is nighttime, and nighttime is NOW!

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For this episode, writer and renaissance man podcaster, T.C. De Witt stops by the conceptual diner to discuss his contribution to the lovingly created and crowdfunded Friday the 13th Vengeance. A not-for-profit fan film that dares to build on one of the best love slasher sagas of the 20th century, and does so very well.

T.C. also talks about his process and the art of writing, as Trevor and Matt slurp down pie-shakes and hurl questions.

The most successful Friday the 13th Crowdfunded fan film at the time of its release, Vengeance features franchise alumni like Steve Dash, Tommy McLoughlin, and C.J. Graham. Also featured in the ensemble cast are Kelly Tappan, Luke Schuck, and Jason Brooks as Jason Voorhees.

Happy Halloween Season to y’all, hope you enjoy the podcast! We also hope you enjoy the film, available on Youtube (link below).

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